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Crafters of captivating copy, our services create bold brands that stand the test of time.


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Public Relations

Campaign Strategy & Content Creation


Media Outreach & Editorial Procurement


Seasonal Brand Showcases & Media Events


Contra-Based Influencer/KOL Collaborations


Award Submissions & Business Profiling


Reputation Management & Media Training


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Brand Partnerships

Media Buying & Discounted Advertising

Talent Acquisition & Ambassadorships

Paid Influencer/KOL Collaborations

Brand Auditing & Partnership Pathways

Affiliate Marketing & Lead Optimisation

Sponsorships & Cross-Collaborations




Brand Storytelling & Tone of Voice


Website, Email & Social Media Copy

Advertising Taglines & Slogans

Ghostwriting, Interviews & Branded Assets

SEO Enhancement & Copy Proofing

Stakeholder Communications

Design Studio

We sport decade-long relationships with the biggest names in Australian and international media.


Channel Subsection

Monthly Consumer Magazines

Weekly Consumer Titles

Industry News & Trade Publications

State & National Newspapers

Local & Regional Gazettes

Weekend Supplements & Lift-Outs


In today's fast paced media landscape, modern storytelling needs to offer more than just words and a pretty picture. It needs to educate, inspire, and develop an ongoing dialogue between brand and consumer. At BlackSixteen Agency, we have spent the last decade cultivating relationships with the biggest names in publishing to secure our clients engaging and transformative editorial in targeted magazines, metropolitan newspapers, and supplements.


With a simple gesture, consumers can access news and information on demand and review content in a written, visual, or auditory manner. At BlackSixteen Agency, we capitalise on these digital consumption behaviours by offering an integrated approach to online storytelling. Working alongside mainstream and independent media outlets, we secure rich, varied, and sharable editorial that is tailored to each client's identified target markets.

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Online News Destinations

Lifestyle & Special Interest Sites

Digital Streaming Platforms

e-Magazines & Digital Publications

Audio & Video Podcasts

Blogs, Newsletters & EDMs

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TV Interview

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National News & Current Affairs

Breakfast & Weekend Viewing

Prime-Time & Reality Television

Special Interest Programming

Drive & Weekend Radio

Daytime Talkback


Broadcast is one of the most powerful channels in modern media. Dynamic and highly engaging, television and radio reaches a wide range of target publics and offer a credible way to shape and control the public narrative. Utilising our strong connections with production teams across all major televised networks and radio stations, BlackSixteen Agency is responsible for some of the most influential news stories on prime-time television and radio.


Social media has undoubtedly changed the way consumers interact with brands. There are influencers and key opinion leaders to suit every niche and interest, and a plethora of original written, visual, and auditory platforms to choose from. Working with a wide variety of influential and authentic content creators, we connect brands with audiences across a host of different territories, including beauty, fashion, home, technology, lifestyle, food, wellness, and parenting.

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Social Media Networks

Image Sharing Applications

Video & Streaming Platforms

Discussion Forums

Content Curation Communities

Consumer Review Sites

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